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Introducing the In Your Era Clothing Collection! Experience the glamour of mini dresses, sparkles, sequins, florals and loads more trending styles. Find your perfect era-inspired outfit with Beginning Boutique Australia's exclusive collection and make it a magical night. 

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In Your Era

In Your Era Collection

Swiftly unleash your inner child and relive the magic of some iconic eras with the perfect curation of outfits for your upcoming concert! Step into a world of meticulously crafted pieces inspired by dazzling performances and unforgettable fashion choices. Each garment embodies the essence of a different era, from fearless florals to edgy glamour. Find your perfect outfit to channel your inner superstar, whether it's a confident mini dress or a sequined masterpiece reminiscent of 1989. More than just fashion, this collection is a celebration of your personal connection to music. Discover the piece that speaks to your soul and let your inner TSwift shine!

Ultimate Guide to Dressing for Every Era

Unleash your inner superstar and celebrate musical evolution with the perfect era-inspired outfit! Whether you're a cottagecore queen or all about that daring reputation, this guide has you covered for every chapter of the journey.

In your Love Era

Find your happily ever after in soft pastels, flowing fabrics, and romantic details, inspired by fairytale-like lover era. Think a blush pink maxi dress with delicate lace accents, so delicate and tailored to make you look incredible. Be in your loving era with a color palette filled of femme with a touch of iridescent shades of blue, pink, and lavender that reign supreme here! Add a touch of silver glitter for all those love vibes.

Feeling Fearless?

Channel youthful innocence with playful floral prints and breezy silhouettes. Imagine a flowy, white sundress with delicate pink flowers. Or shimmer and shine in gold sequins, fringe dresses, and sparkly boots.

What To Wear If You Are an Evermore Fan

In this Evermore era we dive deeper into the "folklorian woods" era, blending cottage core charm with a touch of the mystical. Keep it simple and chic with midi or maxi dresses in earthy palettes like copper, beige, earthy browns and rust orange. Velvet, corduroy, or suede jumpers are perfect, or braid your hair and rock a plaid jacket like the perfect Evermore album cover and channel your inner woodland muse.

Going for an all black or faux leather look?

Unveil your inner mystery with dark colors, sleek lines, and statement pieces, inspired by Taylor's enigmatic vengeance era. Picture a black leather jacket with

silver hardware and a bold choker necklace. Or unleash your inner dark queen with all black sequins, snake tights, and a touch of red - like a modern-day Cleopatra ready to slay.

Speak now and go bold

Exude boldness and power with sleek mini dresses and daring cuts, inspired by your favourite pop stars' fearless stage presence. It's the perfect time to wear black, sequined mini dress with strong shoulders and a daring V-neck. Or embrace fairytale romance with babydoll dresses and princess ball gowns, channelling iconic purple princess vibes.

Favourite color red?

Go twee with tea dresses, high-waisted shorts, and brogues. Don't forget the cat eye sunglasses and Mary Janes! Embrace fiery passion with bold colors and playful prints. Think a flirty red dress with playful polka dots.

In your folklorian era?

Capture the cardigan warmth with floral prairie dresses and chunky knits. Or, embrace flowy, ethereal gowns in hushed purples and creamy whites. For a true Long Pond Studio feel, rock a plaid shirt-dress. Imagine Evermore's magic under sun-dappled leaves!

1989s biggest fan?

Dance the night away in dazzling sequins and vibrant colors. Wear a sparkly silver mini dress with rainbow accents. Or channel NYC cool with two-piece sets, Wayfarers, and sequined jackets. Play with light baby blue hues or rock a matching skirt and top like Taylor's iconic 1989s outfit!

What To Wear If You Are a TSwift Fan

In this era, think about white Boho summer dresses with cowboy boots, blue jeans, hoop earrings, and layered bracelets are the staples. Bonus points for lush green, baby blue, and white accents.

What To Wear If Your Favourite time of the day is Midnight

Ditch the moonlight, embrace midnight! Channel glittering constellations and starlit skies with sequins, stardust dresses, and maybe a touch of fringe. Dressed like a star themed dress or a multicolor sequin jumpsuit. Anything that is sparkly is a winner. Midnights is all about luminous glam.

Forge Connection with our Friendship Bracelets

Unite the best fans EVER! It's all about connection. Custom-made bracelets are sparking conversations, igniting friendships, and weaving a tapestry of community among fans. Pack yours and join the magic!

Get festival ready with our range of festival dresses 

Ready to channel your inner queen? Dive into our dazzling collection of Taylor-worthy dresses! Forget ordinary, embrace jaw-dropping! We've got dresses so fierce, they'll have you slaying the dance floor (and every party after!). Heat things up with sexy minis eye-catching colors, sparkling details, and endless styles like a sleek black bodycon, a shimmering top, or a romantic lace number. We've got the perfect party weapon for every era! No more fashion fumbles, we've got you covered for your concert dream dress. Find your perfect match and step into the spotlight, ready to shine brighter than any of the love stories diamond!

Buying your concert outfit online at Beginning Boutique

Ditch the festival fashion panic! Head over to Beginning Boutique and snag your dream outfit before the music starts. We'll get you concert-ready at lightning speed with express shipping across Australia and New Zealand. Your new threads will be with you in a flash! Shop seamlessly, no matter where you're from! We offer prices in AUD, EUR, and GBP, making your experience smooth and easy. Students, rejoice! Check out our terms and conditions for the latest promo codes and score some sweet savings on your festival look. Spread out your payments and say goodbye to shopping stress with Afterpay. It's like a VIP pass to effortless fashion!Don't get left behind on the trend train! Create an account at Beginning Boutique, build your wishlist, and stay ahead of the curve. Let's make your upcoming concert unforgettable! 

Frequently Asked Questions about In Your Era :

What if I can't pick a favourite era?

Feeling stumped on concert-worthy attire? Embrace your inner disco ball! A dazzling sequin dress in your fave shade paired with timeless cowboy boots is a guaranteed head-turner. Bonus points when these beauties find a second life in your regular wardrobe rotation.

How often do you wear concert outfits?

Concert outfits aren't just stage-stealers, they're trendsetters! Flaunt your festival fierceness at parties and throughout the year. Mix and match to create fresh looks that keep you ahead of the curve.

What accessories to wear for a concert?

Lets go next level of sparkle! Here are some accessories to channel your inner superstar and shine all night long:

  1. Lights & Sparkles: We love to dazzle, and so can you! Light-up bracelets, headbands, or even earrings will have you twinkling like a firework. Sequined bags, shoes, or hair clips add instant glam.
  2. Era-Inspired Flair: Embrace your favourite era! Go for pearl hairpins and sparkling bracelets. Channel dark glamour with edgy chokers and snake rings.Or neon earrings and colorful sunglasses for when a certain year calls.
  3. Lyric Love: Show off your devotion with lyric-inspired necklaces, phone cases, or temporary tattoos. A fan with lyrics printed on it makes a unique and eye-catching accessory.
  4. Dance-Ready Essentials: Comfort is key for grooving to tunes! Platform shoes with glitter or metallic finish add height and sparkle. 

Bonus tip: Coordinate your accessories with your friends for a super cute group look! Think matching lyric necklaces or light-up headbands for a dazzling squad goal moment.

Don't just sing along, dress the part! Shop Beginning Boutique Australia now and find your perfect era-inspired concert outfit!