International Women's Day

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International Women's Day

This IWD, Let’s Close The Gap

Beginning Boutique started out as one woman’s dream. Since then, it’s grown into a community of women who continue to dream, grow and evolve within the fashion industry.  

We’ve learned the value of empowering each other. And we want all young women to have the same opportunity to reach for those stars. That’s why, this year, we’ve teamed up with Stars Foundation, who provide in-school mentoring and engagement programs for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women at risk of disengagement from school.

Raising Girls Up

Just over 50% of Indigenous girls complete secondary school, as compared to more than 80% of non-Indigenous girls. This gap in education attainment leads to significant economic and social disadvantage for Indigenous young women. 

How We Can Help

100% of proceeds from our International Women’s Day tees will be donated to help improve education and health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young women. More than just a tee, it’s an opportunity to help close the gap by supporting Indigenous girls to reach their full potential in all areas of their development and wellbeing.

Let's help raise up all women in our community and provide equal opportunity for all.